Contract Management

The ToleHouse team has been at the forefront of Australian exploration and production insurance and corporate risk management for the past 15 years.

In an ideal world, insurance would provide coverage for every conceivable risk that you’ve contracted to bear.

But at ToleHouse, we live in the real world, where insurers have fine tuned what they’ll insure and Clients rely on ToleHouse as their insurance adviser to advise them where their cover falls short.

ToleHouse’s Contract Management Services helps Clients to identify areas of contractual liability and exposures that may or may not be covered under their insurance program. Doing this before the contract is signed helps our Clients to renegotiate parts of the contract and/or plan how to manage any potential exposures or pitfalls.

A holistic approach to risk management means that ToleHouse are able to offer much more than the sole provision of insurance.

Having evolved and worked with the best in the Australian Exploration and Production sector over the past 15 years, the most important service ToleHouse offers is ‘peace of mind’. Our principal aim is to reduce your exposure to risk whilst also reducing your overall cost of risk.