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Drawn from the London and Australian Energy Insurance markets, exploration, production companies and corporate risk management, ToleHouse offers a concentration of skills unique to the Resource sector

ToleHouse offers a concentration of skills including Insurance Programme Design, Corporate Risk Management, Risk Engineering, Contract Management and Claims Management Services for the benefit of ToleHouse Clients.

In order to achieve this outcome there has been a growing appetite to reform risk management through design and implementation of a cost effective and business-wide approach.

Increased use of quantitative risk tools and scenario planning has improved the robustness of the process. The explicit linking of cultural diagnostics has further enhanced the overall understanding of key risks.

ToleHouse provides an holistic approach to risk to help ensure our Clients' risk framework aligns to their business agenda, especially as people prepare to drive growth into their business.

We work to protect and enhance business value by helping our Clients reduce risk, cut costs and improve business performance.

To ToleHouse, risk and compliance is more than a box-ticking exercise, it is a critical investment that can underpin an organisation's long-term growth, value and sustainability.


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1/7 The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant, PERTH, WA, 6153

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